Kina Shalone, LLC was started in 2013 by a determined business woman who has spent over a decade in the wealth management industry.  However, I felt destined to take action for myself.  In 2020, Kina Shalone, LLC became an official GA business.  I wanted to take my love for shoes and entrepreneurship in my own hands.  The long-term vision is to turn the name into a large brand with my own exclusive shoe designs coming in 2022.  Currently, the company aims to offer on trend styles and colors by other designers that cannot be found in stores.

Our Mission

Kina Shalone, LLC is not only focused on shoes, but we aim to educate on generational wealth and give back to our communities as well.  The company will offer on trend women's shoes, provide financial nuggets and give back to the community.  What can the right shoe do for you?   At Kina Shalone, LLC we strongly believe in surrounding the feet of our customers with the confidence to walk in Peace and Royalty. Eph. 6:15 

We want to see all of our customers WIN in life, finances and in their communities!  Our goal is to have a small annual scholarship fund for a deserving high school student aspiring to major in business.  More to come..

Our Motto

Queens Walk in Peace & Royalty!  Always surround your feet with peace and know that you are royalty.